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Download the app and start understanding your driving behaviour. Everything from speeding to distractions, we’ll let you know how you’re doing.

Automatic tracking

Pair your phone with your in-car bluetooth, or just let the app detect when you’ve started driving. We will automatically record your trips.

Accurate Driving Scores

Allegory insurance premiums are based on the scores you see. We don’t just believe our scores are accurate; we’re betting on it!

Detailed trip history

See the time and location of every event that has impacted your score and use our personalized coaching tips to improve your driving.

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After a trial period, you will be given a quote based on where you drive, what you drive, when you drive, how you drive and how much you drive.

Improve your driving to save more

Continue using the app to improve your driving. Remember – with Allegory, the better you drive, the more you save.

Insurance is about
prevention and protection.

We never use your age, gender, credit score, where you live or how many accidents you have had in the past to calculate your insurance premium.

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Let's rewrite the story of insurance together!

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See what our customers are saying about us.

“I only drive during the weekends. It is not fair to pay the full price for an insurance that I only need 30% of the year. Thanks to Allegory I will be paying based on how well and how much I drive. Now that’s fair!

Canada, Ontario

"It’s not my choice to live here! But insurers think it’s a high-risk area. Why should I pay the cost of fraud if insurers fail to prevent it? Allegory does not only insure my car but also help me to prevent thefts and fraudsters."

Canada, Ontario

“I usually travel for work with my own car. My company reimburses the mileage however it had been very painful to keep track of those mileage. Allegory does not only help me to improve my driving but also provides unique insights about my trips. Now, I can keep track of my mileage and never miss a single trip. My company can also see clearly where I have been travelling to and from.”

Turkey, Istanbul

"I'm 25 years old and I think that I am a good driver and I always obey the rules. Plus, I have no accidents or tickets at all! It’s not fair to be categorized as a high-risk driver because of other risky young drivers. Allegory is the first insurance company that can tell I'm a good driver and provides me with a fair price."

Canada, Ontario
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